Officially TTC #2

It’s CD3 of our first cycle TTC. I’m definitely in a better head space than I was a month ago. My little sister is pregnant again and so is Bestie. I really want to get pregnant again so I can doit with them but at the same time, I like the idea of being able to support them. I’ve decided that we’ll try naturally (with the assistance of OPKs) until the end of the year. If I don’t conceive then, I’ll make an appointment to get some metformin. We’ve also decided that we probably won’t do much more than metformin to try to get pregnant this time. We have already been given a gorgeous  (albeit precocious) blessing. We don’t want to go as nutso as we did last time.

Obviously we’re back on the eating well and exercising regularly. I have been really bad about that and weigh around 218. That’s disgusting to me but I earned each of those pounds by not working out and eating crap. I will need to earn shedding them with hard work. 

I feel really mentally and emotionally healthy going into this. It feels good. Obviously in a year or so I may not feel the same if we haven’t conceived but we’ll cross that bridge when and if we get there. 

Until next time, I wish peace and love for each of you. Be well friends!

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2 Responses to Officially TTC #2

  1. Sending lots of baby dust your way! Good luck friend.

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