Emotional End to Breastfeeding

Hi Friends!

I’ve been working on a post about Amy’s birthday party but I need to share this first. She’s decided she’s done nursing! I’m a wreck!

I know it’s irrational but I feel rejected. (Really dumb because she wants to cuddle with me all the time.)  We worked so hard to get the hang of nursing and now she’s giving it up. I knew it was coming…She’d been only nursing at night. I’m not ready for this bond to be over! 

I wanted to EBF for 6 months (we did). I wanted to nurse her for at least a year (I did).  After that, I wanted her to decide when to wean (she did). I met all of my BF goals. Why am I so broken-hearted?

I seriously have been crying all night since I put her down and she refused the breast for the 4th night in a row.

Hubby is trying to be supportive but doesn’t get it. He keeps telling me how proud I should be of what we accomplished. I am, but that doesn’t make this any easier.  I’m beside myself with grief over the end of our BF journey. I don’t know what to do!

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4 Responses to Emotional End to Breastfeeding

  1. I just read an article about the emotions of weaning and it said grief was normal, but to try and focus on all the new milestones your baby was heading towards and throw yourself into those things. I know it will be hard for me too. I love breastfeeding 99% of the time. It’s a special thing when you enjoy it.

  2. I have that article – I think! I sent it to my bestie the other day. http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/5154681?ncid=fcbklnkushpmg00000037

  3. Oh! I’m at 5 months and I love/hate it. It’s painful for me. I want to TTC again so it would be veeeery convenient if BG weaned when she is 1yr old. However, now that I’ve admitted this and tempted fate, BG will probably be addicted to the boob and I will have to pry her off of it or nurse her until she goes to kindergarten. That’s how that works, right? Hugs ❤ XOXO

  4. redbluebird says:

    I’m sorry this is so hard. I know the feeling. I had the same goals as you, but as most toddlers don’t self-wean until after 2, I assumed we would be nursing longer. I know other women who have nursed throughout their pregnancy and then tandem nursed, so I had hoped I could do the same. My body had different plans though. It’s hard, and when I think about it I still miss it, but it’s gotten easier (it’s been about 2.5 months since she stopped trying to nurse).
    Not much we can do but let them grow up… and learn the hard lesson that our babies won’t always grow up on our schedule. It’s hard to let go of the stages we loved… I hope you get to experience it again. xo

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