Lots of Little Updates

So I suck as a blogger! I’ve been trying to update for a few weeks and have not gotten to it. I have been trying really hard to keep up with you ladies too. I’ve been more successful with that but I’m reading your posts about a week after they’ve been written. I’m sorry I haven’t been there to support you all like you supported me. I will try to be better. I love you ladies!!!!

On to the update! We are still struggling with breastfeeding but it’s getting better. This afternoon we took a nap. Amelia was on my chest, held up her head and moved it to lick my bra about where my nipple is. I thought it was funny and unintended but then she did it again. I couldn’t get the clip undone fast enough! My baby girl is asking to nurse!!!!! Happy mama right here.

This past weekend was Bestie’s wedding. It was fabulous!  My baby girl was at the wedding but I had so much to do as matron of honor. I didn’t see much of her. At the end of the night,  I was so happy to see her. The next day I wore her in my homemade moby wrap all day just to have her near me. I am now really dreading going back to work in 6 weeks. It’s going to be so hard!

Amelia has started to be more aware of her surroundings. She’s awake and playful more often. She smiles intentionally now. She loves being swaddled and when we babywear. The groom’s brother from this past weekend is a medical student and will graduate as a doctor in May. He was in awe of Amelia this weekend. He kept telling me that her refelxes were phenomenal (he checked them frequently). He was impressed with her neck strength. He also kept commending me on the choices I’ve made for us (breastfeeding,  babywearing, etc.). That really made me feel like I was on the right path.

Oh I also got 3 new jewelry orders this week! I made a necklace for my midwife as a thank you. The main midwife called and wanted to order them for the other midwives in the practice. Then I booked 2 weddings since I made the jewelry for the wedding I was in.


Necklace for my midwife


Brides bracelet


Hubby and me between the ceremony and reception


Amelia's 1 month photo


Amelia today

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6 Responses to Lots of Little Updates

  1. wtfovaries says:

    Your little one is adorable!! I spy a cloth diaper! How is your experience with them going? I really want to cloth diaper and try to get any and all input I can!

    • jesselyn6585 says:

      Thanks Hun. Yes we are cloth diapering. We’ve tried a ton of brands and definitely have our favorites (gDiapers for out and about, bumGenius all in ones for during the day, and thirsties for overnights). I don’t do laundry so I think it’s no big deal but Hubby may disagree haha. Maybe I’ll do a blog post about cloth diapering.

      • wtfovaries says:

        I would love to read a post about cloth diapering! I think the one worry I have is with childcare & if they/she will be okay with the cloth diapering. I know it isn’t usually the norm. But I am all for it!! Did you buy a variety of diapers before the baby was born to try?

        • jesselyn6585 says:

          Daycare is a concern. A lot won’t do cloth. I’m lucky and my mom will have Amelia when I go to work. I have a dear friend who CD her kids and her youngest is being potty trained so she sold me what she had. She stripped and prepped them all for me. The only ones we bought new were the gDiapers. I’ll work on the blog post and try to get it up asap.

  2. C-La says:

    Yes for Amelia “asking” to breastfeed! That is a huge victory. *does touch down dance*. You look positively radiant in the photo with hubby and Amelia is so precious- I just want to squeeze her. Also, your jewelry is gorgeous!

    I’m so happy for you. 🙂 *Big Hug*

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