37 Weeks!

OMFG! 37 Weeks already! I can’t believe it. My precious baby will be here before I know it. I’ve been having BH all week. It’s been gross, hot, and humid here all week.

Tuesday night CBEB’s GF messaged me saying that she needed help. It was 11 pm. That doesn’t seem like it’s super late to most people but for me who goes to bed at 9 and wakes up at 5, it was super late. We talked for a few hours and I calmed her down enough that we could both sleep. She’s lonely and having financial and depression issues. We talked about GOD and faith. Way too heavy for the middle of the night! I slept through my alarm yesterday morning. Got to work about an hour late, then left right after lunch because I was so tired. I was sick and contracting like a mofo.

I went over to my mom’s house to nap a bit. Then my grandparents and sisters came over for dinner. Everyone was there to see my new niece. I got to snuggle with her so much! It was heavenly. I’m a very proud auntie! At one point while I was holding her I was sitting on my mom’s sofa. Baby J was laying her head in the crook of my elbow and her bottom was resting on my bump. I was giving her kisses all over her little head and Amelia kicked her little cousin in the butt! It was too funny! Rivalry already!

Ok on with the survey!

How far along? 37 Weeks!  How the hell did that happen?!?!?!
Total weight gain/loss? Sitting at 201… 2 lbs below prepregnancy.
Gender? A feisty little girl
Maternity clothes? yep… but my fat clothes still fit pretty well too.
Stretch marks? lots of them…and they itch! Especially at the bottom of my belly. Baby G’s mom keeps yelling at me that I’m going to get more stretch marks because I keep scratching.
Sleep? I’ve been struggling with sleep. Last night however I did not get up to pee even once. I woke up plenty and rolled over because of my hips but wasn’t awake enough to make it downstairs to the potty.
Best moment this week? Cuddling with Baby J last night.
Miss anything? I’d give my left arm for a raspberry margarita!
Movement? Still moving a bunch but because of the lack of room it’s more like rolling. I feel like she’s going to burst out Alien style sometimes. Hubby still thinks it’s weird. I’m in love with it. I will miss this big time.
Food cravings? Still pizza and now lasagna! Chili cheese dog!
Anything making you queasy or sick? tomatoes and sometimes orange juice. Amelia does not like acidic foods apparently.
Symptoms? Peeing a lot, my hips keep popping out of the socket, my feet are swelling more often (though this is still quite minor).
Labor Signs? Lots of BH this week. Lots of pressure. I told her that she just needs to let me make it through this weekend. Then she can come whenever she’s ready!
Belly Button in or out? In-ish…I have an upper ridge that looks out but the bottom still looks like a swimming pool that’s falling down.
Wedding rings on or off? On!
Happy or Moody most of the time? Happy. This has been an awesome week.
Looking forward to? This weekend. It’s Bestie’s bachelorette party. We’re driving the 90 minutes to Minneapolis. Hubby is coming and staying at a nearby hotel in case I go into labor. Then Sunday after the we check out of our hotels, he and I are going to one of the big baby stores to get the last few things (bassinett, diaper covers, etc) that we “need”.

I can’t wait to meet this amazing little life, to kiss her little cheeks, to smell the top of her head.  However, I know there are so many things I’m going to miss: feeling her move inside of me, knowing I’m never alone, her happy dance, her kicks when she’s not happy, and knowing that she’s the safest she’ll ever be.  She’s inside of me and I can protect her so easily right now.  Soon she’ll be here and vulnerable.  I will have to try much harder to keep her safe and I will fail at some point.  She will get hurt.  And I’ll feel awful. 

Then she’ll smile or laugh and I’ll get to experience those and fall even more in love with her.  I’m such a mix of emotions right now.  I want to savor this time but I am so excited to meet my little one.  I’m very happy but very sad that this pregnancy is almost over.  I’m so grateful to have this experience.  I’m overwhelmed with love and blessings right now.

And apparently I’m a huge effing sap!  haha  I’m gonna end this now before I get all mushy and emotional…well more than I already am.  Thank you all for your support.  Be well friends!

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2 Responses to 37 Weeks!

  1. Awwww, sweet post! Have a great weekend! XOXO

  2. kiftsgate says:

    Not sappy just adorable. xx

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