Yesterday morning something super cool happened! We were on our way to work/school and listening to my mp3 player. Rise Against’s “Swing Life Away” from the Punk Goes Acoustic album came on and Amelia started moving to it! My baby girl has good taste in music. She was quiet during the next few songs (Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Meg & Dia, and then my guilty pleasure Ashlee Simpson…don’t judege me!) and then responded again to Alkaline Trio’s ” Fatally Yours”. We think she really likes the strong guitar, very little other instruments, and a male voice. That totally makes sense since she’s in the womb the deeper sounds would be easier for her to hear. I prefer to throw logic and science out the window and just say my daughter is going to love punk music haha. Hubby thought it was pretty great that she didn’t move at all during Ashlee Simpson. “She even a baby thinks this music is crap!”

In general Amelia has become more active and responsive. It’s awesome and I feel so very blessed. Another blessing came this weekend as Hubby and I were going through the boxes of clothes and toys that were given to us. I realized that we have everything we absolutely need for Amelia. There are definitely things we still “need” to buy and things that would be fun or nice to have but the absolute necessities are in my possession. Talk about a load off my mind! I was worried that I’d be one of those ladies who was in delivery and my husband would have to leave to buy a car seat to take the baby home in. While I’m a planner, I am also a procrastinator…and a worrier. I feel awesome about how much we have done.

My sister sent me a text last night to let me know that her birthing pool came in the mail. She’s so excited, and honestly, I am too! I cannot wait to be there when my niece is delivered! I’ve said it before but being a doula and being invited into someone’s delivery is such an honor. I love my job. I cannot wait until I can finish my midwifery certification and be around babies and mommies every day!

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  1. Excellent! So fun to see your update.

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