21 Weeks

So apparently it’s the unofficial “Give Jesse/Amelia Free Stuff Week”. And let me be the first to say, I’m a fan! After that incredibly generous card Monday evening and the shopping trip with my mom on Friday I thought we were done until my showers. Tuesday I came into work to a box of nursing pads and 2 brand new (tags still on) maternity shirt. Then Bestie’s sister brought me a belly band. Then today I was given a baby carrier, a diaper box full of bibs and receiving blankets, a bag of 4 oz bottles, and a U-haul box full of clothes from newborn to 6 months, some gently used but most are brand new. This is nuts! With all this free stuff already and 2 showers still to come, It’s looking like we’ll be able to put quite a bit of the money into a savings account or an investment for Amelia! That makes me feel so great. Anyway, on with the 21 week survey!

How far along? 21 weeks! Amelia has eyebrows now! That’s crazy!
Total weight gain/loss? I’ve gained a little bit this week. But I’m still down 10 from pre-pregnancy.
Maternity clothes? Yep! Although I’m excited at the idea of wearing some of my old jeans with that belly band. My pre-pregnancy jeans fit, I just can’t keep them up; my belly pushes them down.
Stretch marks? No new ones on my tummy, but the old clear/white ones completely cover my bump. I think I have a few new ones on my boobs but those are mostly old ones coming back too.
Sleep? This week has been bad for sleep. A few nights I wasn’t tired, then one night I couldn’t get comfortable. Last night I kept getting woken up from gas pains. I tried to take my generic Gas-X and it made me vomit. I slept pretty well in the car on the way to work this morning though haha.
Best moment this week? Amelia becoming more active. She’s quite the wiggle-worm in the hour or 2 before bed time. I love it.
Miss anything? Pizza! Chili! Being able to eat more than 2 bites before I’m full.
Movement? Quite a bit at night, she’s still pretty calm during the day.
Food cravings? Doritos with mild cheddar cheese sauce. So bad for me but so yummy!
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Still tomato sauces
Gender? a beautiful little princess!
Symptoms? Peeing every 3 seconds. This has gotten really bad this last week and I’m sure it’ll get worse. I had to get up to pee 7 times last night.
Labor Signs? Thank goodness nothing yet.
Belly Button in or out? Still in 😦
Wedding rings on or off? Still on! 😀
Happy or Moody most of the time? Mostly happy but I get annoyed fairly quickly now. I’ve been avoiding situations that make me crabby by hiding in my bedroom and watching Netflix haha.
Looking forward to? My midwife appointment on Wednesday so I can hear my baby’s heartbeat again! And of course our Nashville trip next week, but I’ll write more about that later.

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