Gas and Finances

So we didn’t get the reservation…we waited too long. Sad day. Oh well. Hubby and I went to the grocery store and bought some nice steaks and potatoes instead. He cooked me a beautiful meal and then he and I hid upstairs in our room watching movies. It was a very nice Valentine’s Day.

I had a small meltdown this weekend about finances. I was counting on payment from one of my side jobs and it didn’t come. I also found out that it won’t be coming. A friend of a friend needed a doula and I offered my services. I provided birth and post partum services. The mother of the mom-to-be was supposed to foot my bill as mom-to-be couldn’t afford it. That was in November. The mom-to-be was wonderful and sweet. She sincerely appreciated my help. The mother has since decided that she doesn’t think I did enough to warrant my fee. The mom-to-be called me crying, begging me not to sue her. I assured her that I would not. She felt my services went above and beyond but she doesn’t have any money. I told her that we’d work something out. In the mean time, I was really counting on that money.

I moved some stuff around and we’ll be fine, I am just frustrated. I had pretty much spent that money in my mind on maternity clothes, our Nashville trip, and a few pieces of furniture for the baby. $4000 is a pretty big deal when you’re expecting a baby.

Anyway, Saturday night I woke up in pain and panicking. My stomach felt like it was being crushed. Like my muscles were tightening around the baby. I thought for sure I was losing the baby. I laid in bed scared and crying for almost an hour then finally got up the nerve to go to the bathroom. No blood, no mucus. Then I went upstairs and woke up Hubby. I told him something was wrong. He consulted Dr. Google and said a few things that it could be ans as soon as he said gas, a light bulb went on…I had read about how painful that could be. I then started putting things together like that I hadn’t had a bowel movement in a few days and that it felt better when I was walking. It had to be gas. I called the 24-hour nurse line and they said they thought it was gas as well but if I woke up still in pain, or if anything changed, to come in immediately. Hubby and I walked around the house a few times which lessened the excruciating pain. I went to sleep and when I woke up the pain was almost gone. I am still in shock of how painful gas can be.

I hope you all had a great weekend. Talk to you later!

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3 Responses to Gas and Finances

  1. kiftsgate says:

    Glad you had a nice Valentine’s day. It’s really unfair for the girl you helped. You are so kind! I would have probably done the same, but it feels really unfair.. glad all is well with the baby. xx

    • jesselyn6585 says:

      Thanks dear. It just sucks because my contract was with her, not her mother so I can’t even go after the mother legally. And I don’t want to hurt my client…she is sweet and feels awful about the situation. Oh well…at least I can feel good knowing I helped someone who needed it.

  2. oc15 says:

    i recently had surgery and i don’t know if it’s because they moved all my organs around (similar to what happens in pregnancy) but i have been having the same debilitating gas pains you talk about here. i can see how terrifying that would have been to experience while pregnant. i know gas pains but this is beyond…. thank you so much for sharing this story. if i experienced this after years for trying, i would have been like a rocket driving to the ER. now i’ll have a better idea of whats going on if this happy to me while pregnant (which i’m hoping will be in the next few months after IVF round #2 )

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