Hello Friends!

Well the apartment on Friday was a bust. It was little and dirty (dead bugs in the tub). Even the lady who showed it to us made a comment and said she needed to have someone over to clean and re-paint. We have a few more leads though so I’m still hopeful. I also haven’t heard anything back from my manager about my interest in my supervisors job. I’m not worried though, she is really busy and sometimes doesn’t respond to emails that aren’t urgent.

Today I had a very successful meeting with one of my business partners in Ireland. I mentioned to her that I might be applying for my supervisor’s position. She was very excited. She is a peer of my manager and said that she’d back me if I needed a reference. That makes me feel really good.

Hubby and I had another relaxed weekend. We created our new characters for the next Pathfinder campaign and watched some Olympics. We discussed parenting ideas and baby budgets. We also took a few online tours of some apartments and figured out what our absolute lowest budget would be and it was so much higher than I anticipated! Yay! That makes me feel so much better about this move. I was initially concerned as we want to be putting money aside to buy a house in the near future.

In other news, I just found out that my baby sister was in a small car accident this morning. She is okay but is having an ultrasound this afternoon to make sure the baby is fine. While we are pretty sure everything is okay, we would appreciate a few extra prayers or positive vibes for my unborn neice.

I do have the next few days off of work for some appointments (haircut, my first appointment with a midwife, etc). Hopefully I’ll still update but in case I don’t, have a great week and I’ll write for sure on Thursday.

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5 Responses to 13w4d

  1. Elisha says:

    praying for your sister!

  2. Prayers for little sister! And hope you get the position! XO

  3. Sending lots of prayers to your Lil Sister. Good news comes to those who wait – specially with awesome things like jobs and apartments. 🙂 I just know you’ll get good news soon.

  4. kiftsgate says:

    I hope your sister’s baby is alright. Will be thinking of you. Hope to get some good news soon! xx

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