New Hair Color and Ambitious Goals

I got my hair colored yesterday. And I love love love it. What do you think?

New color

Also, I’ve decided to set some ambitious goals for myself. I am currently 209 lbs. My BMI is 38.8. I wear a size 18 jeans (they’re pretty big at this point, but I’m in an 18). My 10 year high school reunion and my 5 year wedding anniversary are on August 2nd. We also have a wedding to attend on August 3rd. My goal is to lose at least 10 lbs before my reunion/anniversary so that I’ll be under 200 lbs. for the first time since right after high school. If I meet this goal, I get to buy a new dress for the wedding.

We are also running a 5k on September 30th. I am hoping to run the whole 5k. If I do so, I get to buy myself a new pair of jeans. I do have a weight goal at that point but I’m going to go easy on myself if I don’t meet it. I would love to be at 175 by then. That is super ambitious and I’m not 100% sure I can do it, but it’d be nice.

I was playing with a BMI chart today. I am currently classified as morbidly obese. To be in the “normal” range, I need to be 134 lbs or less. That’s 75 lbs from now. I am shooting to be at that weight before the end of March 2014, which would be 9 months (average of 8.5 lbs per month lost). That is easily doable. I have this crazy idea that I can have a pool party and wear a bikini for my birthday next year (June 5th). I don’t know that I’ll actually do that but I can dream right?

Obviously this could all be derailed if/when I get pregnant but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. The weight loss should help with my PCOS symptoms. I was told losing as little as 10% of my body weight could trigger a cycle. Well I’ve lost a little bit more than 10%. And I’m pretty AF will be here any day now. I’ve got all the telltale signs: sore boobs, cramping, that ever pleasant smell just before she arrives, tired, hungry, emotionally irrational…you know, the fun stuff. And I’m absolutely crazy because I get excited every time I notice a new symptom. What kind of woman gets excited for her period? A woman with PCOS who is trying to normalize her cycle!

I hope you all have a fabulous 4th. And for my non-American readers, you have a great week too! Be well friends!

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9 Responses to New Hair Color and Ambitious Goals

  1. elaaisa says:

    Nice hair! I would be totally excited to get a period!! Of course, I have PCOS and never get a period.. Happy 4th!

  2. Sarah says:

    Your goals are just as awesome as your hair. Keep on rockin’, lady!

  3. knalani says:

    Super cute and summery hairdo! And kudos for setting optimistic goals. What’s that expression? “Shoot for the ceiling, land on your ass. Shoot for the stars, land on the roof!” Or something like that…

  4. cindysn says:

    great goals!!!!!!!!!!!

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