The Plan Going Forward

I was crazy nervous for my appointment today but it went so well. My new infertility NP is awesome. She was nice, didn’t talk down to me, and let me give input for how I wanted to proceed.

I am picking up a prescription today to trigger a period since I haven’t had one since January.   Then on day 3 I’m going in for blood work. Providing my liver and kidney functions are fine, we’ll do 1 month of BC and 3 months of metformin. If I’m not pregnant yet we’re going to clomid with timed intercourse.

I am super optimistic and happy about the way we’re going. I felt like my NP valued my opinion and is letting me lead my own journey.  I am happy about that. I feel really good about this.

We just left Hubby’s follow up appointment. He’s doing well. The surgeon said he can start running with me in another week. Yay!

Today has been wonderful. I am thankful for what the lord has given me. I feel so blessed.

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One Response to The Plan Going Forward

  1. Sarah says:

    Sounds like an AWESOME plan! I like the sounds of your RE – it’s SO important that they listen to you, and don’t push you into things you aren’t ready for. YOU are in control. Hooray for YOU!

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